A process expert keeps the discussion moving forward to conclusion.

Do you work under a leader whose mind is already made up, and who uses a “meeting” to “rubber stamp” his idea? Or are you a leader who finds it difficult to get everyone to participate in a meeting? Or do some of your meetings end up with only an agreement to re-convene and re-discuss? Well, then it is time to try an external facilitator such as Rumman. When you engage the services of a professional facilitator you get a “process expert” who helps your team come to a decision. He can do this because he is not invested in any particular outcome, but uses his skill to help the group overcome personal biases and move the team forward. Using a facilitated session helps to flush out all the issues and alternatives and allows the team to reach a consensus based decision.

Next time you have a big strategy meeting, a key business decision or even a board meeting, try a facilitated discussion – specifically try it with Rumman!