Problem Solving

A structured session using tools to address a specific business problem.

How to grow the business? How to lower costs? How to build a culture of innovation? Make employees happy? Create the next killer product? Or a new corporate vision.

So many questions require an answer in business. A Creative Problem Solving (CPS) session helps you and a diverse team that could consist of employees, shop floor workers, or even customers, find the right answers. Looked at in a linear fashion, problem solving can be broken down into four major components –
  • Clarification – knowing what problem to solve.
  • Ideation – generating ideas around the key problem.
  • Development – selecting appropriate ideas and developing them into strong solutions and then selecting the best one.
  • Implementation – Actually going out and doing it.

However, all problems are not linear in nature. Sometimes you could have a chosen solution and just require an implementation plan. Or maybe you have the ideas and require to craft them into a good solution.

A CPS session starts with a detailed interview to determine where in the problem solving process you stand and then takes it forward from there. As a client you choose whether to take it all the way through to implementation, only generate ideas or just create clarification around an issue. The choice is yours, but it helps to have Rumman on your side to keep you moving along.

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