1. AKU Education conference – Speech on Innovation in medicine: A brave new world
  2. AKU Ignite sessions – regular speaker on creativity in medicine at Aga Khan University’s Ignite sessions.
  3. Habib University – School of Science and Engineering Public Lecture series talk.
  4. HOMI Trade Show, Milan, Italy – presentation on Pakistan.
  5. IBA Marketing conference – presented a paper on Culture and its Effect on Creativity.
  6. I am Karachi – On the need for creative thinking entitled, “Why you need to take a shower – NOW!”
  7. I am Karachi – A quick and brief primer on the creative process.
  8. Innovation Summit 2016 – Speech on Leadership and Innovation.
  9. KGS school – A 15-minute talk on vision and passion to about 800 children.
  10. KLIC conference – Organize and speaker at Pakistan’s only international conference on corporate innovation.
  11. Meezan Bank – An hour long talk on the need for change and innovation in banking to about 70 managers.
  12. PSO – A presentation on creativity in business to 60 management employees.
  13. PSTD HR Conference – The need for innovation in HR
  14. TCF – presentation to training department on using creativity in education.

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